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The Benefits of A Brand New Life:

  • Fulfill your dreams and live out
    your destiny in life.
  • Establish healthy relationships.
  • Effectively meet your goals.
  • Minimize Stress.
  • Decrease Anxiety and
  • Improve your self esteem.
  • Live a Brand New Life.
    When you choose to partner with Danielle Rice through 'Brand New Life' she will help you to discover your dreams,
    identify areas for self-improvement and identify the challenges that might impede progress.  
    "My sessions with Mrs. Rice were invaluable.  She helped me not only to change unhealthy
    patterns of behavior in my life, but she also helped me to change my way of thinking.
    By changing my thoughts, I was able to make better choices.  I was able to expect more, hope
    for more and ultimately obtain more. She has helped me to change my life for the better."
    "After working with Danielle at Brand New Life, I was able to finally understand what was
    happening to me. For years, I kept experiencing the same types of negative and chaotic  
    situations and I couldn’t understand why.   With her help, I was able to take responsibility for
    my poor choices and learn how to make more appropriate choices in order to create positive
    circumstances in my future."   ~Brandy~
    "Danielle works with you with a sense of passion that is unexplainable.  Her enthusiasm and
    reassurance helps you to feel that there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Her guidance
    helped me to cope and keep moving on. I feel my life has been completely turned around for the
    better and the new direction is now so positive.  I feel like a Brand New Person." ~Sonia~
    "Mrs. Rice is a dynamic Life Coach and Counselor.  She helped  me to learn how the brain
    works.  By understanding how my brain is wired, I realized that I could change the thoughts
    that went through my mind.  I learned that I don’t have to let just anything into my thought
    life.  I have the control. I learned how to replace thoughts of anxiety and depression with
    thoughts of happiness and joy.  My life will never be the same."   ~Angelica~
    “Brand New Life has given me my life back. I now have freedom and am in control of how
    I think and feel.  I don’t have bad thoughts anymore. My depression and anxiety have
    significantly decreased. Now every day is a good day because I have learned how to cope with
    life’s ups and downs and I no longer change my mood based on my circumstances. Thank you
    Brand New Life." ~Jessica~
    "Danielle helped me to see the good in myself. She taught me about my strengths I never
    realized I had. She helped me to see that I didn’t have to be who other people said I was,
    but I who I thought I was. She taught me that my past didn’t define who I am or who I would
    become in my future. She showed me that I am in control of the events that create the story of
    my life.  I am a new woman! Thank you Danielle for helping me to find my Brand New Life." ~
    "I felt very reassured and comfortable. Danielle uses a Very relaxed but professional approach.
    I Felt at ease from the very first session. The balance was just right. I felt I was getting a caring
    and helpful listener who knew how to offer help in a very professional manner and someone who
    made me think about what I was experiencing in a different way.  She helped me to look at life
    from a different perspective. This encouraged me to start looking at myself, and my situation in
    a different, more constructive way. It took away the ability for me to blame everyone else. I love
    her approach, She did not do the work for me,  but gave me the awareness and the tools to
    think for myself and make constructive choices to become a better me." ~Shajen~
    Danielle A. Rice brings together a strength-based, innovative method and “outside the box”
    strategies to her life coaching and counseling services.
    As your life coach, Danielle Rice will help you to use your skills and talents, while guiding and
    directing you and encouraging you to master your own personal and unique life goals and
    ensure success. There is nothing more important than investing in improving the quality of your
    own life.

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  • Danielle specializes in issues
    related to:
  • Improving family relationships
  • Increasing self esteem
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict mediation
  • Stress reduction
  • Positive parenting skills
  • Life management
Life Skills Coach, Therapist, CEO