The program offers a variety of comprehensive supports that
    will fit your needs through our professional services:

Life Coaching
Mentoring Program

Brand New Life Professional Services     
Danielle A. Rice | Live A Brand New Life | Life Coaching, Counseling and Training | Monterey
Helping People Recuperate from Crisis!
Live A Brand New Life | Life Coaching, Counseling and Training| Monterey, CA
  • Danielle specializes in issues
    related to:
  • Improving family relationships
  • Increasing self esteem
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict mediation
  • Stress reduction
  • Positive parenting skills
  • Life management
Danielle A. Rice, MS, MA, MFTi, CPC,
Life Skills Coach, Therapist, CEO
    Brand New Life's Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling programs are designed to empower individuals in life
    transitions. It also provides tools and services for individualized life-coaching and counseling to support individuals
    in handling life stressors in order to:

   Accomplish personal goals
  Help manage, organize and prioritize life situations.

Is “Brand New Life” for You?
Are you in the midst of a difficult life transition and you need guidance and direction?
Have you been struggling to figure out how to find a healthy life partner?
Do you need help overcoming a fear?
Are you struggling with parenting your child?
Do you need guidance, direction or accountability?
    When you choose to partner with Danielle Rice through 'Brand New Life' she will help you to discover your dreams,
    identify areas for self-improvement and identify the challenges that might impede progress.  
       "Brand New” Life Coaching and Counseling  
    Good News!
    As your life coach, Danielle Rice will help you to use your skills and talents, while guiding and directing you and
    encouraging you to master your own personal and unique life goals and ensure success.
    There is nothing more important than investing in improving the quality of your own life.

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The Benefits of A Brand New Life:

  • Fulfill your dreams and live out
    your destiny in life.
  • Establish healthy relationships.
  • Effectively meet your goals.
  • Minimize Stress.
  • Decrease Anxiety and
  • Improve your self esteem.
  • Live a Brand New Life.
Brand New Life does not include medical advice and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.
Contact Your doctor if you feel you need medical advice or treatment.
Fees and Services Subject to Change without Notice.
Your financial donation will assist individuals in a life crisis by providing the support of
empowerment, healing, wholeness and increased opportunities for success.
Life Coach, Monterey, Santa Cruz
Mrs. Rice can help you create A Brand New Life...
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    Danielle A. Rice brings together a strength-based, innovative method and “outside the box” strategies to her
    life coaching and counseling services.
    Brand New Life Professional Services is devoted to human
    well-being through development of comprehensive, non-
    conventional services that assist individuals in taking control
    of their lives. <Learn More>
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